WP7 App hub error: The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. (2003)

Today the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 App Hub got a makeover. My new app was ready for deployment yesterday so logging into the new App hub to deploy my app today was the plan.

After uploading my .xap file the app hub told me the “NeatralResourceLanguage” attribute was missing with the following error:

The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. (2003)

Not sure what this error means I started looking in Visual Studio. and found the solution for the problem.

  • In Visual Studio 2010 rightclick your project and choose properties
  • At the application tab click the “Assembly information…” button
  • Fill the Neutral Language in the popup
  • Press ok!
  • You’re ready to go!


It seems that the new App hub Checks up on more things than the old App hub did. The neutral language is probably something a lot of people will forget so hopefully this helps others who are receiving this error.

The Assembly information can also be changed manually the following way:

  • Open the properties directory in your WP7 project
  • Open the AssemblyInfo.cs file
  • Add the following line at the end of the file:
[assembly: NeutralResourcesLanguage("en-US")]

you’ll also need to add the following line at the top:

using System.Resources;


Happy developing and deploying!

Geert van der Cruijsen

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